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The Kirkas Magnetic COB Light has a magnetic base allowing you to use it hands-free in any sticky situation you find yourself in. Made out of aluminum, this light weight yet durable emergency light and its circular design make it easy to pack and carry. It includes a LED 50lm flashlight, COB 150lm strip light and an emergency flashing LED red light. The magnetic base and ring loop make for easy attachment in multiple situations. Three mercury-free AAA batteries included.
$9.99 and up
Small in size but large Capacity: 21 tools wrapped in survival cord, including paracord, compass, carabiner, whistle, flashlight, fire bar, knife, alcohol pad, cotton, bandages, foil, wire saw, tool card, royal buckle, needles, pins, weights, swivels, fishing hooks lines and floats. A rope just might save your life in emergency. Perfect and handy for outdoor adventure such as camping, backpacking, hunting, climbing, and more. Always be prepared.
$9.671 and up
In Emergency circumstances are you prepared? The First Aid Kit is fully stocked with 12 medical supplies needed for an emergency or survival situation. The emergency kits are perfect for any family, workplace, or an outdoors man. Your logo is welcome.
$2.457 and up
Emergency blanket is also called a solar blanket or a survival wrap. It can prevent you from losing body heat and is perfect for emergency protection in all weather conditions because it is waterproof and windproof. It will not crack, mildew or shrink. Reflects 90 percent of your body heat back to you. Other customized sizes are also available. Both sides are silver or one side silver and one side gold.
WG 0346
$0.548 and up
Elastic Band Quick Release Buckle Suitable for Household : No pain when tightening the tourniquet. Ribbon is gentle. Highly Flexible,Convenient and safety After disinfection can be used again. It is ABS and elastic band made. Weight is 0.055 LBS.
$0.429 and up
A Whistle that can be heard from a great distance. Flint fire starter and a fire scraper that can also be used as a knife. And a compass to maintain your sense of direction. This survival bracelet will help you with winter journeys and outdoor activities. You can also use it from stabilize a tent to build a shelter, create hunter traps,hiking rope,scraper tool,care a wound & many more. They are ideal gifts for those who loves outdoors activities. There are many different styles for you to choose from. There must be one that suits you best. Any problem, please feel free.
$1.371 and up
The CPR mask keychain is compact in size and easy to carry. The one-way valve breathing barrier can help the rescuer avoid direct contact with the victim's mouth and body fluids and help reduce the risk of infection or contamination.
$1.229 and up
Lightweight and compact,each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage and retrieval. They are waterproof and windproof and can also be used for both ground cover and shade.Our emergency thermal blanket provides convenient easy protection in all cold or warm weather states.
$1.106 and up
The ePod 20-piece set will help you survive your next outdoor excursion. The E-Pod includes (2 fishing hooks on line, 2 weights, 2 floats, a ferrous rod/fire striker, cotton fire tinder, an alcohol pad, tin foil, knife blade, whistle, paracord, 48" wire, 2 safety pins, and a needle), carabiner tool, and a pouch to store it all in. Items not sold separately.
$14.99 and up
Have all of your emergency gear in one convenient spot with the help of this mini disaster kit. This 8" x 6.5" blue plastic kit comes complete with a 48-page natural disaster reference guide to get you through any number of emergency situations, as well as an emergency whistle to get the attention of rescuers. It also includes an emergency blanket, five bandages, a first aid quick facts card, two alcohol wipes and two antiseptic wipes. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo to promote proper safety protocol today.
$4.45 and up
Cook and heat your drinks without a stove or fire with the HydroHeat Flameless Heat Tumbler. Includes plastic cooking container, silicone sealed plastic lid, insulating sleeve, stainless steel cup, and one heat pack.
$24.99 and up
Don't be caught unprepared in a roadside emergency. This kit comes in a folding vinyl case with clear inside pockets. Contains key light, distress flag, tire gauge, two wash up towelettes, four latex free adhesive bandages, three antiseptic towelettes, extra-large bandage, triple antibiotic ointment, and a first aid guide. Fits in your glove compartment for quick access whenever you need it. Flashlight and tire gauge are not made in the USA.
$6.35 and up
Be ready for any emergency situation by ordering this new disaster preparedness kit! This items included in this 6" x 6.5" nylon bag could save your life in the event of being displaced or evacuate: an emergency blanket, five bandages, a first aid quick facts card, two alcohol wipes and two antiseptic wipes, a natural disaster guide, a rain poncho, a whistle, a medical-grade mask and three After Bite swing swabs. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo to promote proper safety protocol today.
$12.00 and up
For a promotional giveaway that will "auto-matically" improve your next campaign, look no further than this auto kit. This eye-catching nylon bag measures 8.5" x 5.5", is available in several colors and comes loaded with everything you might need in an emergency. It includes a flashlight with batteries, emergency guide, 4" flexi pen, emergency window hammer with seatbelt cutter, emergency blanket, "Call Police" banner, rain poncho, tire pressure gauge, a quick facts card, wipes, swabs and bandages. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo to promote proper safety today.
$17.75 and up
Don't be left stranded in the brutal winter weather! This winter auto kit has what you need to stay safe in the event of an emergency. Measuring 7.5" x 5" and available in several colors, this eye-catching nylon bag comes with everything you need, including a pair of handwarmers, an emergency blanket, an ice scraper, a 48-page auto emergency guide, five bandages, three After Bite sting swabs, a first aid quick facts card, two alcohol wipes and two antiseptic wipes. For increased brand exposure on an essential safety item, customize with an imprint of your brand logo.
$10.15 and up
Maintain the health of your brand when you offer this great first aid kit to your customers! Inside of a 6" x 6.5" nylon pouch (available in four colors), your clients will receive a pair of nitrile gloves, 1 pair of scissors, 1 48-page guide, 1 ice pack, 2 3" x 3" gauze pads, 2 ointment packets, 5 bandage strips, 3 After Bite sting swabs, 2 alcohol wipes, 2 antiseptic wipes, 2 Wet Ones wipes, 1 pair of tweezers, and 1 quick facts card. Everything you need in case of an emergency is right here, and it will show off your silkscreened imprint as well. Get people excited about your brand!
$10.35 and up
Be prepared for any emergency or natural disaster with the help of this advanced survival kit. Packaged neatly in an 11" x 7" nylon bag, this comprehensive kit comes loaded with dozens of materials that will come in handy when you need it most, including disaster guides, first-aid materials, food, water, tools, light sources, masks, a whistle and so much more. A must-have product to store in the trunk of your car or in the basement of your home, it can be customized with an imprint of your company logo and message. Associate your brand with safety today!
$44.00 and up
Auto Zip Kit. Contains key light, distress flag, tire pressure gauge, one pair nitrile gloves, three wash-up towelettes, four latex-free adhesive bandages, two antiseptic towelettes, one triple antibiotic packet, first aid card. Case is two tone 600 denier polyester zip tote with 50mm carabiner, 4 inch. H x 6 inch. W.
$4.99 and up
Don't find yourself stuck in an emergency situation. With this survival kit, you will have everything you need to make it to safety. This compact kit has a hook that allows you to hang it anywhere and comes with the following: 400-calorie food bar, one emergency water (USCG approved), one lightstick, one whistle, five bandages, one first aid quick guide, two alcohol wipes, two antiseptic swabs and three After Bite itch erasers. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo and customers will be prepared for whatever live throws at them.
$9.50 and up
If you want to protect your clients from the unpredictable elements, look no further than this best-selling survival/disaster kit! The contents of this kit could very well save your life if you are displaced from your home. It comes with a flashlight, emergency water (USCG approved), one emergency blanket, one whistle, one energy bar, one natural disaster guide, five premium bandages, two 3" x 3" gauze pads, two alcohol pads, two antiseptic swabs, two Wet Ones antibacterial wipes, three After Bite itch erasers and one first-aid quick card. It has even been approved by OSHA and the U.S. Coast Guard. Customize with an imprint of your brand logo and customers will be prepared for whatever live throws at them.
$17.00 and up
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